ReGenesis 2×2 Scam Review and Marketing Tips

ReGenesis 2×2 business opportunity claims to do all the marketing and hard work for you, can this be true? is their actually a money tree out their that will create you a ton of money by doing nothing? or is it just a scam? The truth is it’s to early to tell. Whenever a new online company is created people want to know if it is legit or not. So many people will tarnish the image of a company simply to promote their own, it is hard to get the truth and the fact is, only time will tell the new company’s future outcome.

 The ReGenesis 2×2 business opportunity is a New Start up Company so their has not been adequate time to honestly determine if it is a scam or not; however, their are a few things that seem a little close to the edge. The Product you are buying is called the A.R.S. The Automated Recruiting System and 300 leads which can be used for any opportunity. When you join the company you pay $300.00 for an income producing commission center and 300 leads. You can buy as many $300.00 commission centers as you like and earn money through a forced matrix. You are automatically placed in what is called a marketing coop where every time 2 new distributors are recruited beneath you your commission center will cycle and you earn money.

The Streamline Online System is the nickname for the ReGenesis 2×2 opportunity offering you the opportunity of a lifetime on autopilot, They supply the leads, the system and you sit back and wait for the forced matrix to cycle, but their is a few things to understand. Even the best scrubbed down lead lists usually have a very low conversion rate, and deep in the company website itself, states earning potential is determined by the following:

  1. Personal Recruiting
  2. A.R.S. Recruiting  Automated Recruiting System
  3. Duplication   others doing what you do
  4. Spillover
  5. Re-cycling

What I am trying to say is that this system may have all the bells and whistles but if you think for a minute you are going to do nothing at all and your ReGenesis business will just grow all by itself you are wrong. The company itself states on their own website #1 personal recruiting and if you do not know how to recruit properly your failure rate with this business or any other online business Will be extremely high. What happens if you invest $300.00 and none of your leads convert into sales? Do you just buy another commission center and leads and hope that they convert and cycle so you can get some of your money back? You need to understand how to market your business properly, and Monetize your lead list. The two biggest problems with any online or mlm business including ReGenesis 2×2 is lack of leads and lack of money .

Marketing Tips

Here are a few free marketing tips to help you properly grow your business:

  • Do not promote the company replicated website, this is one of the biggest mistakes people make, and you are probably guilty of it yourself, I know I was for over 6 years every piece of literature I had, promoted my company branded website including business cards, flyer’s, blogs etc.
  • Brand yourself – People Join People, not Companies If you want to be successful in the new era of online marketing you must brand yourself, market yourself and become a leader. Their are very simple ways to do that if you have someone to show you how, It’s called becoming Magnetic, and It is the future of all online marketing.
  • Build a list and Monetize it, ReGenesis 2×2, offers you leads with every purchase and as stated above even the best leads have a very low conversion rate, What this means is you need to take that lead list and turn the NO’s into profits. This is one of the biggest secrets of the top producers in any company and it is very easy to do with the proper guidance.
  • Educate yourself with free training. you can find a wealth of information on blogs and articles by signing up for free trainings. Usually a first name and a valid email address is all you need to receive free training, and with tough spam laws and penalty’s you can unsubscribe at any time, take what works and leave the rest.
  • Utilize Web 2.0, G.P.T. and Social Sites like Facebook and Twitter to grow your Regenesis business for free. Their are proper ways to market on facebook and other social sites that will explode your business, and posting a company link every other day is not going to do it, plug in to Live weekly webinars and advanced web 2.0 trainings to learn proper ways to market. Don’t forget personal development, and a precise marketing plan designed around your personal budget and available time.

I hope this information and Marketing tips will help you build a successful business with ReGenesis.

Internet Marketing Opportunities at the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa – Part 2

With the FIFA World Cup Soccer tournament starting in South Africa in June 2010, there is an enormous opportunity for the hospitality   industry  to utilize internet  marketing  to boost their revenues. It is expected that there will be more than 350,000 visitors coming to South Africa over the 4 week tournament and this means a cash injection into the economy of around $1.3 billion. A large chunk of this money will go into accommodation, restaurants, pubs and sightseeing.

South Africa has always offered outstanding hospitality services. The standards of the hotels, restaurants and pubs is extremely high and, being a sport-crazy country, coverage of the soccer will be virtually everywhere. The sports-bar concept has been in existence in South Africa for a number of decades now, and almost every pub has television coverage of sporting events on view at all times.

The smaller accommodation facilities such as motels and bed & breakfast establishments are possibly not as well marketed as the larger, well-known hotel groups and this presents an excellent opportunity to the small business owner to sell their establishment on the internet. By utilising the services of effective internet marketing consultants, they can compete with the established groups on the internet global village.

There are always those visitors to countries who prefer to avoid the “tommy tourist” packages and like to do their own thing, such as hiring a car, doing their own sightseeing and going to restaurants and pubs recommended by locals. These visitors usually don’t enjoy the package tour concept and often prefer to avoid large crowds. This presents a niche that the smaller businesses can target in their internet marketing campaign.

There also exists a huge opportunity to the entrepreneur tour operators, especially those that operate in the townships such as Soweto, south of Johannesburg. Soweto, now world-famous, is a vibrant city with hundreds of places of interest. Some of these include the Apartheid Museum, Hector Pieterson Memorial, Mandela Family Museum and, of course, a vibrant and exciting nightlife at the famous “shebeens” or taverns throughout Soweto. This market niche presents excellent internet marketing opportunities to the small tour operators.

South Africa is a beautiful country with thousands of places of interest. The locals are extremely proud of their country and are well-known for their warm hospitality. It is widely known amongst South Africans that tourism is a key industry and it represents economic growth and employment. It also give South Africans the opportunity to showcase the country they are so proud of as well as the massive social changes they have undergone over the past 15 years.

With the exchange rate well in the favour of the visitor, their spending power in South Africa makes it a worthwhile experience. Whether the visitors is buying the local currency with dollars, euros or sterling, they are getting an excellent return and will have great spending power. This will allow visitors to buy local products and take advantage of the huge curio industry in the country.

The internet  marketing  opportunities available for the hospitality  industry  in South Africa are unlimited over the next few months to the FIFA World Cup Soccer tournament and the best time to start a campaign is now.

In Part 3, we will look at the retail  industry  and how to use internet  marketing  to increase revenue during the 2010 World Cup.

Network Marketing Ebooks – How to Make Money With Them

Network marketing eBooks are a thing of beauty. Gone are the days when you used to have to wait for an audio tape or CD to arrive at your door step. No more going to the book store to buy books on how to succeed in your business. These days, thanks to the internet, information on any topic is always right at your fingertips. And the great thing about eBooks that no old-school guru magazine or audio tape could ever do is that they not only educate you, but they can also help you make a lot of money.

For a while now, eBooks and reports have been the stalwart of superstar internet network marketers. These digital products typically serve as a funded proposal. Very simply, a funded proposal is a low-cost retail product that’s easy to market and sell and creates a pipeline of immediate leads and cash flow to sustain business expenses such as advertising. It’s kinda like winning $5 with a lottery scratch-off ticket and using that $5 to buy another five tickets.

How you can profit from network marketing ebooks

The great thing about these types of funded proposals is that network marketing eBooks often offer affiliate benefits. In other words, to maximize leverage, smart marketers will create educational eBooks and then allow customers who buy the book to also market and sell the product in exchange for commissions. This becomes a win-win for everyone. You get quality information that helps expand your knowledge base and grow your personal intellectual brand and you also generate income by leveraging someone else’s funded proposal as your own.

Once you understand the basics of this particular strategy, the next natural progression would be to author your own network marketing eBooks. This will go a long way toward elevating your personal brand authority. More than anything else, the biggest achievers in this   industry  make it big by establishing their own  marketing  funnels and materials online. Fortunately, while it isn’t exactly a walk in the park, it’s also quite feasible to accomplish. Especially when it comes to writing your own network marketing eBooks.

The best way to start producing your own network marketing ebooks and funded proposals

The best way to groom yourself to become a self-publishing author is to start by writing small reports you can give away for free as an opt-in offer. Going for something smaller in scale at first will ease the pressure of having to string together good quality content into multiple chapters that people will want to read. Also, the free give-away, often in the form of a simple but informative report, is the best way to start generating leads and collecting contact info. So you’ll want to start there and get good at it before moving on.

Concurrently, however, you’ll want to invest in copywriting training. You don’t have to spend a fortune to learn, but this skill is imperative and will spell the difference between making a killing, or wasting a lot of time. Once your copywriting skills get to a good place, you’ll find it much easier to write longer, compelling content you can market. Also, if you write lots of articles, you can package a set of related articles as a broad series that you can sell. This is a great way to re-purpose your existing content and get it to work overtime for you. Either way, the more you do this, the easier it gets, and the more it pays–whether you’re writing network marketing ebooks or shorter content pieces.

Everything You Create Is A Marketing Piece

“We don’t have to worry about the language in this,” the client opined. “It’s a proposal, not a marketing piece.” That’s a deadly comment I’ve heard far too many times.

There’s a common misconception among business owners and managers that only certain things fall under the marketing umbrella. This proposal was a great example. “We don’t need to waste our time making the language flowery or sales-y,” she added. “This is just so we can get all the details together so they can be reviewed. We’ll have other materials where we can do the marketing stuff.”

The simple fact is that anything that represents you before a prospect or customer is a marketing piece. You may not intend for it to serve that purpose, and you may not expect that someone who sees it will react to it as though it’s an attempt to market your business, but in reality, that’s exactly what happens.

Once something leaves your hands, you lose control of where it goes. You have no idea of who in your prospect’s organization may actually review it. Yes, you may have developed your proposal for the buyer or specifying engineer with whom you’ve been working, but he may have passed it along to his boss. And she may have given it to her boss, or another department head. Do all of those people already know you or your company? If not, that proposal will create the all-important first impression.

So if it’s a poorly organized, poorly written document, your company is going to appear to be disorganized and ignorant. If the language is highly technical, the impression will be that you’re unable to communicate with mere mortals. And if it’s nothing more than a dry recitation of the facts, your dynamic organization will be seen as dull and uninspired.

“It wasn’t meant for people who were expecting to see something else!” you protest. “It was for their engineering team!” Or their accounting staff. Or a medical practitioner. Someone who speaks your language and sees the world the way you do. But that doesn’t matter, because it was also seen by someone else who is going to weigh in on the decision.

Besides, it’s a myth that engineers will react only to copy filled with complexities, or that accountants find the Internal Revenue Code entertaining and light reading, or that doctors want everything presented to them using as many syllables as possible. No matter what any of them do during the workday, they’re people. And they react to things just like you and I do. They’re motivated by many of the same emotions and fears, even if they have larger vocabularies or actually grasped whatever it was that Analytic Geometry teacher was talking about.

Companies don’t buy from companies. People at those companies buy from people at other companies. And if you want people to have confidence in your company, you need to connect with them at a human level.

That’s where the kind of language that some people deride as “marketingese” or “flowery” or “hype” can help you. Well-crafted documents and copy are designed to communicate at a one-to-one level. They’re written to draw readers — all readers — in and guide them to the information they need. They contain all the facts and details, but they present them in a conversational, understandable manner.

Just as important, they’re created to mirror the public image your company has worked so hard to earn in our noisy, highly competitive marketplace. Every contact a customer or prospect has with your organization — whether it’s looking at an ad, reviewing your proposal, or reading the instructions for your product — should carry the same voice and attitude.

Great companies achieve that consistency. Next time you visit Starbucks for your double skinny soy mocha latte, pay close attention to all the written material around you, from posters to packaging. The voice and the vibe are the same, and they scream Starbucks. Next time you fly Southwest, pay attention to how everything from the in-flight magazine to the posters in the jetway to the flight attendants’ announcements reminds you which airline is taking you to your destination. You’ll know for certain that you’re not on Delta or American.

Those companies recognize that every contact is really a chance to strengthen their brands, so they take full advantage of every marketing opportunity. Doing the same may not make your company a household name, but it can help you grow your business more effectively.

Online Music Marketing Strategies: How Helping Others Can Help You

Online music marketing strategies can be tough, but sometimes, the best way to get by is by helping others. The best relationships, especially when it comes to business, are win-win relationships.

I’ve done a lot of business throughout the years and I’ve used the internet to generate most of it. To get sales and repeat sales, I started looking at individual groups and organizations and asked myself “how can I use my music to enhance their business?”

I won’t lie, thinking like this was tough initially but after thinking over and over again I thought to myself, why not use the internet and find groups that don’t have theme songs or commercials?

Years ago, just sitting in front of a computer and networking did not go hand and hand. Now I get more business than I can handle and I love it.

Online is a Very Important Tool When It Comes to Marketing

Before the internet, you would have to cold-call places out of the phone book and hit the pavement in whatever weather to gain new prospects. Or even mail out mass quantities of post cards in order to get your brand in front of the masses.

Now that we have the ability to reach online, one flyer posted on a social media website like Facebook or Instagram can reach a town’s worth of people. This makes networking a whole lot easier than it once was.


Well, you have the opportunity to learn about organizations that you may not have ever learned about. There are so many clubs and groups that, for example a small Tennessee bowling crew, could be found and contacted.

The reason why I stress this fact is because I see opportunity where others don’t. Just like many independent artists and bands, there isn’t an unlimited cash flow we can just spend on just anything. We save money by creating our own studios but that $1,000 mic is still a far distance away so we settle for a more affordable microphone.

My point is, everyone is trying to save money, including when it comes to their organizations.

Creativity and Brainstorming Are the Keys to Success

Do you think a girl scout camp looking to create a commercial can afford to hire Maroon 5 to write a custom song? What about just to license the song? Chances are that answer is no!!

They have to work with whatever budget they have and spending most of it on music is just not going to work. This applies to local businesses also.

The thing about it all is that when it comes to advertising I find that most places do not even know how to go about even obtaining music whether it be for background or a theme song.

This is where you come in my friend. You have to learn not only how to create music but also how to take that music and generate income from your music. In this case, you much know who to target and how to make sure you both are happy with the outcome.

What’s In It For You? Good Question…

Now for an example of this in action. We’ll say that there is a college in town and they have some pretty popular fraternities. You find this out from digital flyers being placed all over Facebook and Instagram. They are always doing something for the community and this helps the school gain capital.

You find this out by visiting their website. The more members they have, the better it is for the fraternities. An idea strikes you and you decide to create a song about these groups to help spread the word about them. You include important information about each fraternity, after researching, and you make it as catchy as possible.

Once you get the song as great as you can you talk to the music director to create sheet music so the band can play the tune. It becomes the unofficial song for the fraternities at the school!! They decide to create a video to spread the word about how great their college fraternities are.

All of this just from you finding an organization and finding your way in. The best part about it all is that each school gets budgets for certain things and music is one of them. This means you should enjoy a nice check for your efforts and backend royalties if they decide to air the video on networks. It’s the gift that will keep on giving.

No need in spending large amounts of money on a marketing company when you could just become your own. The important thing for us independent artists is to think outside of the box.

With ads all over the place enticing you to spend more and more we sometimes forget how powerful online music marketing strategies can actually be. Always remember that every dollar starts with a thought.

Thanks for reading!!

What Is An E-Book? – The Industry and the Future

E-books have evolved in their short history to a point where most online surfers have heard of them and understand the different formats. The key to e-books is that they are electronic versions of books and do not require printed versions, but can be available in hard copy form if the publisher chooses. Many self-published writers are finding e-books to be a simple way to express their ideas without the costs and barriers involved with traditional publishing. Amazon has been a leader in the industry with its Kindle reader while Apple has challenged the platform with its iPad, which downloads e-books from the iBookstore.

The main reason for making an e-book can be summed up by efficiency. An e-book doesn’t get lost like a physical book and doesn’t have the problems of torn pages or a worn cover. From a cost perspective, there is no longer any reason to spend a fortune on cutting down a forest to create thousands of copies of a book without knowing if it will sell. In the old world, books might be out of stock if they did sell, requiring new pressings, whereas in the new world e-books are never out of stock. The emerging model for printing hard copy versions now is based on orders as they come in, such as at Amazon.

Another efficient quality of e-books is they can be updated more easily. Traditional books were printed in a series of pressings, based on demand. But if demand diminished a book might go out of print and become outdated. The original pressing might also have misinformation or typos. E-books, however, allow the writer to always have an updated version ready for online distribution, as errors can be corrected immediately, instead of waiting for the printing process to take months.

Consumers enjoy the advantages of e-books over traditional books thanks to lower pricing. Since it costs less money to make and market an e-book than a printed book, the price drops for consumers. Number of pages can still affect the price, but e-books make it possible to sell more items of the same thing. For example, instead of buying an entire book, some people might just want to purchase one chapter at a reduced price. Other advantages of e-books are they can be converted to different languages and they can be used with text-to-speech software to create audio books for people with disabilities.

Today’s e-books are designed for smaller screens than in the past. Dedicated e-book readers have become an extra electronic device people purchase specifically just for reading e-books and online newspapers. The Amazon Kindle has been one of the most popular e-book readers, along with the Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo and Sony Readers. Tablet computers such the iPad make useful e-book readers due to their portability and controls that make reading easier. These devices can download and store e-books from online stores such as Amazon, Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader Store and the public library-based OverDrive. Mobile devices such as iPhones and Androids can also read e-books.

Although the e-book market does not have industry formatting standards, the most popular format has been the Adobe PDF files. Web developers tried to construct a system known as Open eBook, a zip file based on XHTML and CSS, that breaks e-books down into components. But the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) has moved closer toward the EPUB format as a standard, allowing the file to be converted to other formats. EPUB can embed metadata, resize text and supports Digital Rights Management.

The popularity of e-books has skyrocketed in the second decade of the 21st century. In May 2011 Amazon reported that its sales of e-books had surpassed sales of hard copy books. A Pew Internet Project survey in 2012 showed that 21 percent of American adults had read an e-book within the past year. It was also found that e-book readership favors people under age 50. A large majority of e-book readers read printed books as well. Nearly half of the respondents said they preferred e-books over printed books.

In 2012 Apple launched iBook Author, which is a software program that allows authors to create e-books in the PDF format on an iPad and directly make products available in the iBooks store and for sharing. Amazon has a platform called CreateSpace for authors to create e-books, which must conform to the site’s policies. Lulu also provides the tools for authors to create and market their own self-published e-books.

E-books have proven to be profitable, even for traditional publishers such as Random House. Fifty Shades of Grey by novelist E.L. James was one of the company’s big sellers in 2012. Half of the 30 million copies sold were e-books. The company reported that e-book sales made up 27 percent of the total book sales, which was a 7 percent increase from a year earlier.

Free e-books can be found at Amazon by looking at their Top 100 Free list. Many times a publisher will give away a sample of a book as an e-book that promotes the printed paperback or hard copy for sale. Sometimes e-books are just free to expose a new author. Apple also offers free e-books at the iBooks store. Other websites that offer free e-books are, and Open Culture. You can also search for free e-books using the search engine.

The future of e-Books may merge more with multimedia and text to speech capabilities. It remains important that e-books are a clickable medium. They can be linked to websites as well as interlinked so that they provide easy navigation to source material. The most advanced e-books link to instant videos that complement the text. E-books are very useful for people involved with other communication besides writing.

Musicians, painters and movie makers can use e-books to showcase and promote their other media. Ultimately, e-books are quick learning tools that provide instant access to deeper content. If the e-book can speed up someone’s search for knowledge to a matter of minutes or even seconds, it has a powerful utility for the reader. Expect e-books of the future to help people cut through technical jargon and learn new systems quickly with visuals and creative ways to index and categorize knowledge.

Five Deadly Network Marketing Prospecting Mistakes Online

Network marketing prospecting has become a hot topic online in recent years. With the explosive growth of the Internet, it just makes sense that this rapidly growing industry moves there for prospecting and business building purposes.

But, just jumping on the Internet isn’t going to make you a network marketing prospecting expert or a top MLM business builder. The vast majority of networkers struggle with prospecting online because they consistently make the same deadly marketing mistakes over and over again.

Here are five deadly network marketing prospecting mistakes online that you need to avoid.

(1) Mistake number one is simply thinking that everyone is a prospect. This is a classic marketing blunder that networkers just might be the biggest offenders of online.

When you believe everyone is a prospect for you MLM opportunity, then you end up chasing after and pestering bunches of people who never asked to hear about your opportunity. You waste a tremendous amount of effort chasing people who will never be good prospects to join your team.

You see this when someone is blasting out emails to all their friends and family inviting them to come take a look at their opportunity. And, with the growth of social networks online, you are likely to have been blasted with Facebook and Twitter updates with the same silly invitations.

It is the online version of making a list of everyone you know and then calling them to look at your business. What makes you think those people are good, high-targeted prospects for your business opportunity?

The only people you should be prospecting to online are those that are already interested in network marketing.

(2) Mistake number two is leading with and promoting your primary business opportunity. This is a prospecting mistake that confuses virtually all network marketers.

You think because you joined a particular MLM business opportunity, that it is the main thing you have to market and promote. But, it is not the place to start.

People are bombarded with online marketing messages, business opportunities, and money making opportunities. What is supposed to make your opportunity any better than the myriad of other choices out there?

Because most people who come into network marketing do not have any MLM or Internet experience, they are looking for a leader that can show them how to succeed in this industry. Focus on that and discussions regarding your particular opportunity will follow.

(3) Mistake number three is over promoting promises of huge financial and time freedom. Most networkers are prospecting people for their network marketing opportunity using the premise of financial and time freedom.

Let’s set aside the fact that most of the struggling masses have not achieved either of those goals as they are prospecting others for a moment. The fact of the matter is that it is simply the wrong focus. It is true that many people who join a particular MLM business opportunity would ultimately like to achieve financial and time freedom in their lives.

But, in terms of building a significant organization, it is not the best prospecting technique. The reason is that the gap from where they start to where that actual freedom is realized is too large. And, that leads to a large percentage of burnout in the industry.

(4) Mistake number four is marketing and promoting a company replicated web site. How can I put this gently? Company replicated web sites suck and they do not work!

When you try to send people directly to your MLM company replicated web site, you are going to turn off more people than will ever become interested.

Company replicated sites are typically blatant promotional sites that are committing each of the first three killer network marketing prospecting mistakes. They do not provide a good way for you to create a connection with your prospects, begin building a relationship of trust, and establish yourself as a leader in network marketing worth following.

You want to have a presence online, but if a company replicated web site is your primary presence then prepare to struggle.

(5) Mistake number five is having either a poorly thought out or no follow-up plan. It is unlikely that your prospects will rush to join your business after your first online contact with them.

Marketing wisdom shows that a large percentage of decisions are made after six to seven successful positive contacts. Too many people in this industry simply become pest if they actually do any follow up. Just calling, emailing or Facebooking someone to see if they have gone and checked out your opportunity site is a poor follow up plan.

These might not be the only network marketing prospecting mistakes you make, but these five killer mistakes are some of the most common. If you are guilty of committing any of these mistakes online, don’t be too hard on yourself. Most other networkers online are committing these mistake also.

The key is to identify what steps you need to take online to eliminate these mistakes. Typically, the answer to network marketing prospecting online is not going to come from your current upline.

MLM Network Marketing is DEAD

After Soaking in Online and Offline MLM   Industry  as a Hardcore Internet & Network  Marketing  Leader and Trainer for many Years… Below are only my Opinions: Old School MLM Is DEAD !

People don’t want to go to meetings every week. Or drive all over town giving presentations. Or mail-out expensive cds or videos. Or get “No shows” (friends who promised… ) The biggest REASON why people don’t get involved in MLM is NOT because they don’t want residual income, it’s because they can’t see themselves doing, what networkers are doing, to get them involved in the business. No one is going to say “NO. I don’t want extra $5000 per month in residual income.”

They say NO to what they have to do to get it! I am sure we can agree on that one reason, right? So, One Fine Day ,I Finally S.T.O.P . ! Being ridiculous and kidding myself. “Wake-Up!” There’s Must Be a Better Way 😀 Okay, let’s break-it down..

First things first! Let’s understand WHY most systems FAIL. Its NOT the company, its not the product or the complan that failed but instead the so called “system of duplication” In a MLM business model, the very economics requires duplication or multiplication for its success. So, for the past over 50 years, we have been taught to keep things simple so that we can “duplicate”. Every known “big” leader or Double-diamond or Presidential Director has taught us that (be coachable and duplicatable), because that’s the only way they themselves know and have been taught. Its still okay, if you’re building your MLM business BEFORE the 90’s when MLM is still not a mature industry and internet was not born yet. Their system of duplication consists of a string of “systematic” processes that most of us are overly familiar with.

  • do your namelist of 200 names
  • do not speak to anyone until you attend training..
  • practice your invite script
  • share with our warm market until it runs out?
  • Of course they tell you that it’ll never run-out
  • as you meet new people everyday.. Yeah. Right!
  • don’t miss orientation, more trainings, hotel meetings,
  • house meetings, one-on-ones, two-on ones (buddy system),
  • 3 way calling, conference calls etc.
  • do the numbers, law of averages…Every NO means you’re
  • getting closer to a YES! just don’t quit even IF
  • you hit a wall and is “bleeding”.. the ship’s coming in!
  • when you’re down.. look “up”line. When you’re UP,
  • look after your “down”lines..

GEEZS!! One company to another. the same “success” stories (1 to 3%) Interestingly, many MLM opportunities in recent times “appear” to be automated internet systems. BUT truth is you’ll need to pick up that darn 100 pound phone (after) and ultimately sell something or convince someone (yours is better than mine) what load of s*it. B’coz by now, your prospect in recent times. is already probably in another MLM company and has been roughed-up and burnt just like you are. Difference is.. you didn’t QUIT Unless you’re a pro on the phone or even make the time (which never seems to have enough hours in a day..), most can’t sell for nuts or just lacks the skills (admit it!)

Most don’t have enough time for the “learning curve” to show results AS their spouses or downlines have already left!! Well, you know the rest of the story. and finally, NOT until now. I can see and understand the cause of these “systems” breaking down each time like clockwork..

Is there something hidden from us in PLAIN SIGHT ? The CULPRIT? All these so called systems are heavily IF NOT primarily reliant on the “HUMAN FACTOR” to make it work!! That’s where the system breaks down MISERABLY.. Human or PEOPLE cannot be duplicated as much as you try That’s WHY duplication FAILS!!

Even when you’re lucky enough to sign-up your best friend without any rejections.. chances are your best friend may not have the same fortune AND he’s now another statistic (human element) that causes the system to breakdown even further. Let me illustrate and I don’t think I am exaggerating. you send the Top ten of your team members for the same intensive 10 days bootcamp w Mr Tony Robbins on a lost island . at the end of the 10 days, you would wound up with 10 different leaders (keyword is different). Exactly!

Final word: People cannot be duplicated.. only MACHINES CAN. So, what’s the obvious solution.. let the machines duplicate themselves.. Machines (internet) will send/give the information, build the relationship (through copywriting and audio/videos online), do the selling if necessary, take the order and close the sale or recruit. How ’bout also doing the follow-up and training.. giving instructions (as leaders do), step by step. Now, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a professor, a seasoned networker or newbie, a homemaker or school dropout. you go through the same McDonalds door, you’ll probably come out on the other end as a Big mac. Its predictable.. No tactics or techniques required!

What goes through a machine will come out duplicated (of course there’s that occasional weasel) that’s still bearable. but NOT when 95% is coming out wrong the way it is with “people”. (oh Ya! MLM is a PEOPLE business by the way. weren’t you told?) YES! I would like to think of it as PEOPLE are ALL “making money” while MACHINES are doing ALL the WORK “duplicating”. Now. isn’t that more like it??

I could be bumming around somewhere on this planet. sipping a pina colada w that lil’ umbrella while my “machine” is doing ALL the work, the way it should… Cool! Are You Ready?Is This a Dream “MLM + INTERNET MARKETING” come True? Nope ….Its Already Happening to Me!


The mlm Jedi

David Gwee

P.S. Huh?? No more Meetings , BOMs & OPPs?? is this really true??

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The Problem With Marketing Today

Marketing is essential for a business to succeed

And, there’s a simple, age-old formula for marketing that goes like this…

Offer the Right Product to the Right People at the Right Price and the Right Time

It’s taught in business school as the 4 P’s: Product, Place, Price, Promotion.

It’s what I learned when I studied marketing in college and got my degree. It’s the strategy I used for years in my career. It’s even the basis for the “system” I taught in my very speaking engagement back in the mid-1990’s.

The 4 P’s are about STRATEGY.

Today, however, it’s become all about TACTICS

Here are some examples of tactics:

  • Building a blog
  • Building an email list
  • Publishing an ezine
  • Producing videos
  • Mastering social media
  • Offering teleseminars or webinars
  • Speaking
  • Writing a book
  • Personal branding

These are all things you can do to promote your services, BUT…

The problem is, if you haven’t FIRST satisfied the foundational 4 P’s none of this stuff matters… or works. And I believe this focus on tactics before strategy is the reason most service professionals are not successful in their businesses.

Unfortunately, too many people have bought into the idea that all they need to do is follow their passion, throw a couple of these marketing tactics into the mix and they can make millions. Because that’s what’s being taught by many people.

So business owners, and wanna-be business owners, are focusing on tactics when they haven’t taken the time to make sure they have a solid business foundation in place, first. Because quite frankly, the foundation stuff isn’t sexy, it’s not necessarily fast and easy, and therefore it’s not what’s being sold.

Problem is, tactics without strategy don’t work in most cases.

But not unlike dieters who fail on diet after diet, far too often business owners jump from system to system trying to find the one that will work for them. When the truth is, what they really need to do is go back and fix their business first. Just as the dieter needs to go back and understand the real reasons they’re overeating or not exercising.

It wasn’t always this way… so what happened?

I believe we are in this situation because there are too many people who have been fortunate enough to experience the “perfect storm” when it comes to their own business (all the P’s have been in place, either by design or by luck) but they have placed the credit for their success on the marketing tactic(s) they used.

These people (most of whom do not have formal education or training in business or marketing) then go out and start teaching the marketing tactic(s) that worked for them as the “secret to success.” When in reality, the secret to their success was the fact that they had the right product, at the right time, at the right price, and they promoted it to the right people. The “promotion” (i.e. tactic) is just one piece of the puzzle, yet they’re selling it as the entire puzzle.

I don’t believe these people are purposely misleading others.

I do believe most people honestly believe it’s what’s responsible for their success. And, in an   industry  that promotes information  marketing  as the holy grail of passive income, they’ve been taught to package, sell and teach what they know.

My perspective.

I’ve created 8 businesses. I’m formally trained in business, marketing, and advertising (and I have a college degree in it) and I’ve been doing it professionally for 27 years (13 years working for others, 14 years on my own). Some of my businesses were very successful, others failed miserably. They failed because at their core, they didn’t fulfill a need or desire that people were willing to pay for. I realized this in hindsight, as we most often do. Like many other people, I got too caught up in the follow your passion advice and forgot to apply the basics.

It’s time to clarify what marketing can actually do.

It cannot solve a business problem. It can only solve an awareness problem.

The real “secret to success” is to make sure you have the business basics checked off BEFORE you apply ANY marketing.

Marketing Communications Fundamentals

The Web 2.0 age brought with it a host of exciting tools for marketers, including interactive websites, streaming audio and video, social media, blogging, webcasting, wireless content distribution and syndication. It is no wonder why companies often lose track of how to effectively organize their marketing outreach programs.

Often, companies will react to less than satisfactory sales or some other performance benchmark by paying for a glitzy website redesign or other expensive graphical overhaul when, in fact, far more effective results can be achieved through less visible but equally important means. I’m talking about focusing on the fundamentals. I like to think of an effective marketing communications program as no different than athletic training. Before you can think about reaching the big leagues or the Olympics, you need to start with the basics.

* Big dividends from small budgets

In   marketing  communications that means spending some time and effort mastering the less glamorous aspects of outreach that often receive little attention and less respect, such as free  industry  directory listings, trade show guide listings, trade or professional association registrations and industry weblinks. All the things that cost more in time than in money, but can get your name and contact information distributed far and wide.

This can yield big dividends with potential customers who are looking for products or services. They turn to the industry directory on their desk or computer, or the show guide they grabbed at a recent trade show to come up with a list of vendors they’ll want to check out on the Web. Most of these listings are free; they just take a little time and effort.

The most critical, and perhaps most overlooked, fundamental is the general category of content. More than ever, content is still king. With the pervasive use of the Web as a primary research tool for finding products and services, a lack of content translates into a lack of visibility. If you don’t have pertinent, valuable, current, compelling, and searchable content on your site, you won’t get considered or even found. All the cutting edge graphics and interactive features in the world will not rescue a site that lacks content.

Go back to that last sentence and the string of adjectives used to describe good content. Pay particular attention to the word “current.” Many companies make the mistake of posting lots of content in the form of press releases, white papers and product specifications. Then they shut the lights off, close the door and call it a day. But unless you think of posting content as an organic process, you are unintentionally handicapping your site’s searchability and diminishing its value. Search engines love currency, and if your content isn’t updated regularly, it will be punished in the search rankings.

* Make your content work harder.

But, don’t make the mistake of thinking that content is just a Web thing. Good content should be leveraged across all media. If you generate a white paper, case study or tutorial for your site, remember to “repurpose” it as a potential trade publication article, trade show handout or sales call leave-behind. Good content has a perceived value that far transcends tired trinkets such as pens, mugs and jar openers. Customers are looking for knowledge, not more junk for their desk drawers. A case study that demonstrates a solution to a common problem in their industry is worth much more than a calendar with your company name on it.

Once you begin building a stockpile of good content, make sure you develop the channels to distribute it. Spend some time and money compiling a list of appropriate editors in trade, professional and business publications so that you can make them aware of pertinent content that will be valuable to their readers. Notice I said “pertinent.” You can make your editors’ list even more effective by subdividing it by industry, application or product, so you can send the right information to the right publication. For example, if you manufacture a line of devices that includes products for different vertical markets, make sure you don’t send the medical device news to the avionics publications. And, of course, don’t forget all of the free online news distribution services such as,,, and 24-7 Press, to name just a few.

Also, let your sales representatives and distributors know you have valuable content to help them make sales. Print a few for hard copy distribution and send PDF files that sales people can e-mail to current customers and prospects. A solid application story or tutorial will build credibility and set you apart as an industry expert, not just another company trying to sell a product or service. Better yet, when a publication prints your content in the form of an article or news piece, get reprints and distribute those. Nothing boosts your credibility like getting a tacit endorsement from a respected publication in the form of a printed piece in their pages.

Of course, all of this takes time, effort and some amount of money, and it may not yield immediate results. It doesn’t have the sex appeal of a flashy new Web site or eye-popping advertising campaign, or the cost. But, returning to the training comparison I made at the beginning of this article, the results and return on investment can be remarkable if you’re willing to focus on the fundamentals.